Established in 2008, Totoya Japanese Restaurant has now become a familiar destination for many customers. With the passion to bring Japanese cuisine to Vietnam, Totoya always puts the top priority on food quality, ensuring that the food is always fresh every day and the dishes are in Japan’s taste. The restaurant is located at 509 Kim Ma, the server is all 3 floors, the 1st floor is open seating and the 2nd and 3rd floors are private rooms containing 4 to 16 guests/room.

 The best ingredient selection

Totoya is pleasure to bring to our guests the dishes made from clear, fresh origin food to make the best quality dishes.

 Professional service attitude

The taste of Japanese cuisine from famous fresh dishes such as Sashimi, Sushi… or from delicious hot pot, grilled dishes are extremely attractively decorated and of high quality.

Omotenashi spirit

From the customer’s point of view, we will seriously consider and put into practice what kind of condition we are best to provide.

The restaurant’s chefs all have over 10 years of experience and understand Japanese cuisine well Japanese, understand the Japanese and Vietnamese customers. Thanks to that, the kitchens have made a menu with more than 200 dishes ranging from sashimi, sushi to grilled dishes, rice noodles, hot pot … suitable for many customers.